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Fluid Edge Themes

Amazing Features

for the best planting experience

Dimension: 180cm X 90cm // modular // hard self-sustaining design

Unique and well designed, specialized in growing most vegetables and legumes

Whether you are there or not, readings can be made remotely by the controller through monthly subscriptions. The greenhouse is operating 24/7

No Planting Skills Required

Ground is a simple innovative system designed for greenhouses and agricultural firms as well for residential hobbyist of all ages.

It can be designed for educational purposes as well for home greenery production or for big industrial corporations.

simple planting instructions for a best yield.

Planting all year round

Planting space increase
Water saving
Labor cost reduction

This is how it works


Ensure all needed ultraviolet and Infrared wave length needed for the optimization of the plant growth.

Made from a hydrophilic material with the ability to handle seeds at equidistant repartition in order to promote the best growth.

Has a main function to read and assess all the information provided by the sensor in order to take actions.

Will be in charge of measuring the panel status to ensure the optimization of the plant growth.

Irrigate, fertigate and cool down the medium temperature.